Aime (damsaeldaemon) wrote in austinitemoms,

Question on baby carriers

I have lost my Maya wrap. I have no idea where it is. I am in the market for a carrier that would be appropriate for activities as well. I'm very interested in the baby bjorn. Does anyone have any experience with this one. It's rather expensive, but I need something soon.
With the bjorn you can't nurse like a sling--though I'm hoping my sling will show up--but I could take my son walking in it while pushing daughter in the jogging stroller.
The tandem stroller I have is absolutely HORRIBLE for the road and sidewalk. What do you all think? Anyone like brisk walks and want to join me sometime? I exercise at they gym everyday, but my daughter loves the walks, and I just love my heart rate to accelerate so I can do a walk anytime but better with more involved.
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